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Patient was unhappy with the appearence of her front teeth. Treatment rendered by Dr. Danishwar was

five crowns. Patient had a renewed self confidence and smiles much more.

jill_bef.JPG   jill_af.JPG

Patient was extremely unhappy with the short appearence of her front teeth. treatment rendered by Dr. Danishwar

six porcelain veneers.


david_bef.JPG   david_af.JPG

Thirty five year old male came to Dr. Danishwar's practice to correct size, shape and color of front teeth.

Patient was treated with bleaching then porclain veneers.

adrianne_bef.jpg   adrianne_af.JPG

Female patient was born with peg lateral teeth. She dislike the small size and her "uneven" smile.  She was

treated with only two proclain veneers and bleaching. She is extremely happy with the minimal dental treatment


laura_bef.JPG   laura_af.JPG

Female patient did not like the "see through" and the appearance of front teeth. She was treated with four porclain

veneers after 1 hour office bleaching.


lupe_bef.JPG   lupe_af.JPG

Female patient presents with decayed and mis-shapen teeth, missing posterior teeth. She was treated

with five crowns and upper partial to replace missing teeth.

michelle_bef.JPG   michelle_af.JPG


Long time patient of Dr. Danishwar was unhappy with the long appearence of her two front teeth

which had been bonded many times. She was treated with two porclain veneers. Now she is very happy

with the hormomious appearence of her teeth.

ken_bef.JPG   ken_af.JPG


Male Patient came to Dr. Danishwar after negelecting his teeth for many years. He had rampant decay

all along the gum line. He was finally ready to do something about his teeth. Six crowns were placed for him.

After extensive gum treatments with deep cleaning (scaling & root planning). He was very happy and promised

to continue coming to see her every 4 months for his cleaning. He has kept his promise for 3 years now.

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